Sunday, 17 October 2010

Halloween treats!

From those fine folk at Firebox, may I present...
...Yummy Dough! Like Play-Doh, but edible! Just shape it, bake it and eat it - hurrah! Priced at £7.99 and guaranteeing hours of fun for kids of all ages... 
'A Zombie Ate my Cupcake' recipe book containing 25 utterly bizarre ideas inspired by dismembered body parts, roadkill, blood and guts! Priced at £9.99
Sweet and slightly sinister pumpkin flying lanterns...£14.99 for a pack of four
And finally, my personal favourite...I am dying (ho ho...) to get my hands on these! Creepy, moving haunted portraits, priced at £6.99 each.

All in all, thoroughly spooktacular! *groan*


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