Saturday, 24 July 2010

My latest infatuation...

I used to have these all the time when I was little (which probably explains why I was such a porker...ahem!) but I'd forgotten all about them until they popped into my head quite randomly the other day! I just *love* their little faces, the delicate colours and the way they ever-so-slightly shimmer, and of course, they taste DELISH! Anyhoo, all this got me thinking about trying to make some of my own...has anyone ever tried it? The recipe seems virtually idiot-proof (famous last words...) and nothing would make me happier than a big glass jar full of beautiful little sugar mice! *sigh*
I think I may have a bash at making some later in the year for Christmas presents as not only are they are somewhat on the pricey side to buy from the shops, I think there's something very satisfying about giving homemade gifts, made with love, rather than some bog-standard, mass-produced tat. However, if you fancy having a go in the meantime then here's the standard recipe courtesy of Google! Let me know how you get on!

You will need: 1 egg
450g of icing sugar
Food colouring (optional)
Flavouring (optional)
String for the tail

  • Separate the white of the egg from the yolk - you don't need the yolk for this recipe so put it away and use it later in a cake!
  • Beat the white until frothy - don't let it get stiff
  • Sieve the icing sugar into the egg white - you might not need all of the 450grams as egg sizes vary, so be careful not to add too much!
  • You are looking for a stiff mixture when the egg white and icing sugar mix up together - but not dry and powdery
  • If you wish add a few drops of food colouring as you mix. Do be careful - food colouring is quite strong and you will only need a little. Then knead the mixture into a firm paste and divide and you should get around 12 mouse size pieces
  • Make a mouse, either by hand or by using a mould. Remember to add a tail and to push it in and squeeze the icing around it so it won't fall off !!!
  • Place your beautiful mouse on to parchment paper or silicon paper on a tray and leave to dry in a safe cool place
  • Decorate your mouse to your heart's desire!
  • To keep them safe once they have dried, store them in an airtight container


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