Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More novelty bakeware...

...because you can never have enough! Ahem. For your delectation today, I give you the sandwich cake mould, possibly the best thing since sliced bread...ho ho!
Made by the same people who brought you the quite-amazing Teacupcakes (they're called Fred, by the way), this baking beauty costs no more than £20 and is available from the usual suspects: ShinyShack, Prezzybox, Iwantoneofthose, thedesignerbox and other establishments of that ilk.

They've also come up with these...ABC (Already Been Chewed...clever!) cookie cutters - cute ickle gingerbread, but with a sneaky missing bite! Om nom nom...
If you find people keep nicking your bikkits, whip up a batch using these and watch people give them a wide berth! Possibly. Priced around £6.99 for a set of three, ka-ching!


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